TrenchBlock a Powerful Blockfolio Clone - By Sheharyar Solutions

by Admin on March, 2020-19 11:33

TrenchBlock a Powerful Blockfolio Clone - By Sheharyar Solutions

TrenchBlock is an amazing platform for businesses dealing in Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies. This solution is a clone of Blockfolio which is a famous cryptocurrency portfolio management application. TrenchBlock offers a variety of features to its users, it has 10's of cryptocurrencies supportive.

A user of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum & other altcoins always finds it hard to keep track of all his wallets & holdings. So TrenchBlock makes it super easy for users to add all their wallets in one place.

The best part about Trenchblock is that it does not require the user to provide the password or secret keys for their crypto wallets at any point in time. Rather our system fetches all the transactional details of the wallet from opensource explorer and makes it possible for the Trenchblock app to show users realtime wallet activity in his own wallet.

It also sums all the cryptos and gives users the ability to convert their crypto into realtime fiat currencies within the app. With over 30+ fiat currencies supportive Trenchblock is the love of many crypto enthusiasts.

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OMG Lancer have opened this theme to the public for anyone with a vision of running such a business to be able to get in touch & buy the theme.

Trench Block isn't just a wallet holder it's much more. It provides it's users an interface for easily being able to navigate through their wallets & modify if they wish to. It also has a News section where admin can push user's latest news that's happening in the crypto world without worrying about writing any news themself.

Not just that, TrenchBlock also offers it's users in-app Crypto signals & trading signals as well. Admin has full control over managing the signals dashboard as well.