Top 5 mobile app templates of 2019 - Sheharyar Solutions

by Admin on March, 2020-20 06:36

Top 5 mobile app templates of 2019 - Sheharyar Solutions

These days, app developers & companies do not have enough time for spending days, or in some cases months, on building new Mobile app solutions. So whenever a new Mobile App is needed the very 1st thing most companies & developers do is to search on Google if such a Mobile app template is available for sale in the market or not.

If something is available that they need, they will rather go for buying that product & Save a lot of time in building a new one. There are many Amazing Android App templates available online, along with many stunning IOS app templates that can save you a lot of time & money.

Today we have brought you a list of top 5 mobile application templates available for sale online.


Hospital app is an amazing android app template by Sheharyar Solutions.

This Android app source code is a complete Hospital in an app. You get almost all the features that you find in a physical hospital in this Hospital app template. Some of the most appealing features of this app template are as follow.

- 1st of all the Hospital app source code comes with two complete apps, which includes one patient app source code, which itself is a complete patient side. The patient has the ability to perform all the functions they can get in a physical hospital.

- This top android app source code allows it's users to book an appointment with the doctor online. It's a very convenient user is given a list of doctors from around the world ready to help. Users can choose a doctor to see the availability & book doctor appointment through the app.

The payment of the booking is done by the powerful stripe payment gateway for marketplaces. The payment structure is exactly the same as Uber. Upon confirmation of booking, the user gets push notifications about the appointment & the payment.

- Same way as the doctor's appointment patients can also consult with Nurses through this app.
- Then the user has Built-in Pharmacy in the app. Users can order medicines from the pharmacy with the comfort of their smartphone.

- This amazing app template offers the user a wallet where users can store their financial information that makes it easy for them to make purchases in the future.
- It also comes with a doctor all that helps doctors to get jobs & send patients prescriptions.

- This android app template also comes with a dashboard where you can manage both doctors & patients.


2nd in the row is the news app source code of the Trench Times.

Trench Times is a news app template that is available on Android & IOS both. This mobile app template is unique in its design & is very different from other news app scripts available at cheap rates on codecanyon or other similar platforms.

Trench Times is used by many successful businesses & they have found it very convenient to work with. This mobile theme comes with an admin panel to manage all the news shown in the app. It's a dedicated solution made for bloggers, media companies, travelers & other writers who might be looking for a news app source code OR a news app template.


Booking app is a clone of Booking.

com or a little better with the best phrase. Many of you may be looking to start your own business like or maybe you have a client who is willing to pay you if you can provide him something like booking.

cm, where users can book hotels and hotel owners, can list their hotels. It's kind of a marketplace. Everyone knows having a marketplace isn't easy, it takes months to develop such a thing but what if a ready-made marketplace like booking.

cm is available for sale? Awesome right? Booking app is exactly that, it's a complete boking solution for business owners to transform their business into a bigger market. cone source code comes with all the features & helps you manage the app through the admin panel that comes with the app.


Ideas box is an amazing Android app template that is not just limited to android.

Ideas box App source code is also available for IOS. First of the question would be what is Idea box? And why you should not miss this opportunity to buy. Ideas Box is a platform where everyone can come & post their ideas about almost everything.

Ideas could be related to IT, Mobile app ideas, Website ideas or more. The app is designed to build a community of thinkers and investors. Investors come and find brilliant ideas to invest in & thinkers are there to find amazing investors to fund their ideas.

Ideas box comes with an admin panel that is interlinked with Android, IOS & Website. Admin can do changes from admin pannel those will simultaneous effect all three platforms. It's an amazing platform & is available for sale you should not miss this marketplace.


Trenchblock is a cone of a famous Blockfolio app that's a cryptocurrency portfolio management app.

This android app template is a complete solution of crypto lovers and developers who want to run their own businesses like Blockfolio. The app comes with an admin backend where admin can add new news and signals for trading for users to be engaged with the app.

This was our list for the top 5 mobile app templates that are worth buying. We hope you liked our content please share with your friends and family and if you have any questions don't hesitate to comment and ask.